Pear Blossom

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Fresh Frozen "CBD" Hash - Takilma Kush - 90u 

Type-III Low-THC artisan hashish hand-pressed "moroccan-style" incorporating "live" Bubble Hash. Made from fresh frozen flower with an ice water extraction technique 90u, 120u. Bubble Bags. High in THCA and CBDA.

Method: We recommend vaping in a dry-herb vaporizor at 375-400F with a low & slow inhale.



General Effects: As with all FLWR CLUB products the Hash we make is representative of a connoisseur quality "Low-Dose" cannabis product incorporating a Low-THC and High-CBD Type-III flower that tends to have a more mild head-change for a guilt-free buzz. 

Includes - 1,  3.5-gram or 5-gram hash increments in 2oz glass shipped with ice pack. 



Parentage: Canna Tsu x Ringo's Gift

Profile: 12.70% CBD | 0.52% THC | 2.38% Total Terpenes

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene

Tasting Notes: Part of our Blossom Series, Pear Blossom evokes the joy of a perfectly ripe fruit. Expect large, sweet-smelling flowers and a lovely purple fall fade. Pine cuts through the sweet pepper and candied pear aroma of Pear Blossom. This herbaceous flower has been a favorite for folks looking for a mellow type 3 experience.

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