Our Process

  1. What makes FLWR Club products unique?

All FLWR Club products are made using ancient techniques coupled with modern technology. The focus of our products is creating products that are as close to the cannabis flowers when they are most ripe. We use ice-water and agitation to collect our concentrates, we believe in sourcing organic produce wherever possible and have achieved USDA certification for a number of our products. We have also relied on modern methods to make our products more bioavailable by processing than to be water-soluble, as for TINC and our edibles.

  1. What does “water-soluble” mean?

Cannabis concentrate since the beginning of time has been fat-soluble and hydrophobic (it does not like water). When added to a product, the cannabis concentrate does not mix well with certain substances, like water. So in order to make it more absorbable in the body, we use a more scientifically advanced approach to our products using a method which includes nano-emulsion and ultrasonic processing.

  1. What constitutes “Organic”?

According to the USDA Organic guidelines “Organic” products must contain at least 95% organic ingredients.

  1. What is freshly frozen cannabis?

Freshly frozen cannabis is just what the name entails. It is cannabis that is cut at peak ripeness and immediately frozen and stored in refrigerators to await processing.

  1. Why do you use freshly frozen cannabis flowers for your products?

We use freshly frozen ripe cannabis flowers because we believe that you can capture the most exquisite aromas and flavors from the flower when you harvest it at peak ripeness and then freeze.

  1. What is ice-water washing?

After the cannabis is harvested and frozen, we then begin to process the flower using double filtered reverse osmosis ice-water in large stainless-steel drums. Using just the cold temperatures and a little agitation, we are able to knock off all of the aroma-rich trichomes from the flower. After all of the trichomes are collected from the flower, we sort the trichomes by size and then dry the trichomes at very cold temperatures.

  1. What is ice-water concentrate?

Ice-water concentrate also known as “bubble hash” is a low-dose form of hemp concentrate that represents, arguably, the cleanest, most aromatic, and most true to form cannabis concentrate in the world and one that we think people should be able to enjoy whether you are a first-time consumer or long-time connoisseur.

  1. Why does FLWR Club only use ice-water washing when creating their low-dose hemp flower products?

We use ice-water washing because we believe it yields the best ingredient a cannabis product creator could ever dream of using, flavorful, pliable, and most importantly full of natural terpenes and cannabinoids. Sometimes we feel like chef’s granted the privilege of using only the finest ingredients from the finest growing regions on the west coast (including indoor regions)

  1. What makes fresh frozen ice-water concentrate so unique and special?

It is exactly a representation of the different cannabis flowers, true-to-form, aromatic, full of flavor and it doesn’t rely on dangerous or dirty solvents to get it. It is made with the same elements that we put in our body.

  1. Why is your packaging so interesting?

Ask the owner he is crazy.

  1. Do you use recycled paper products to make your packaging?

Yes, the majority of our products use recycled hemp fiber paper for their unique packaging, including the Floribundas, The Book of Smokes and our TINC -Social packaging and coasters.

  1. Can I recycle your packaging?

Yes, all of the packaging was designed so you could reuse everything for your own use. Whether it is using the vials of the Floribunda’s as a personal doob tube or using them as a flower vase for your wildflowers. Our glass packaging on Floribunda’s and TINC-Social can also be recycled in a glass waste stream. The Book of Smokes can be repurposed as a handy travel pack for your smokes or for loose flower for your own rolls.

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