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Fresh Frozen "CBD" Hash - Oregon Guava - 90u 

Type-III Low-THC artisan hashish hand-pressed "moroccan-style" incorporating "live" Bubble Hash. Made from fresh frozen flower with an ice water extraction technique 90u, 120u. Bubble Bags. High in THCA and CBDA.

Method: We recommend vaping in a dry-herb vaporizor at 375-400F with a low & slow inhale.



General Effects: As with all FLWR CLUB products the Hash we make is representative of a connoisseur quality "Low-Dose" cannabis product incorporating a Low-THC and High-CBD Type-III flower that tends to have a more mild head-change for a guilt-free buzz. 

Includes - 1,  3.5-gram or 5-gram hash increments in 2oz glass shipped with ice pack. 



Parentage: ACDC x Sour Tsu

Profile: 16.0% CBD | 0.64% THC | 3.09% Total Terpenes

Primary Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Farnesene

Tasting Notes: Our flagship craft hemp cultivar, East Fork Original Oregon Guava is an ode to its origin and aroma. Expect consistent, potent flowers bursting with notes of tropical fruit and lemon zest.

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