Betty Boop

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Betty Boop - Infused Pre-roll - "Fresh Frozen Bubble Infused"


Details: tropical, hazey, spicey

Betty Boop: Oregon Guava, Pear Blossom, Purple Gas x Early Berry Resin Bubble Hash 

Slim Pre-rolls - .5g of flower, .125g hash - 


Infused Floribunda's - What is it?

A proper pre-roll for a proper sit down. Hand-made with a wholesome infusion of fresh-frozen bubble hash for enhanced flavor and aroma made from low-dose hemp flower.  These are slow burning and meticulously made premium blends with a distinctly aromatic and approachable profile. Each infused pre-roll is flawlessly constructed with enticing flavors folks choose for their rich flavors of sweet, floral, tropical, hazey, spicy and herbaceous notes.

Note: The Floribundas (Latin for "many-flowerings") are infused pre-rolls that are meant to be kept in the refridgerator. The pre-rolls are "live" and sensitive to heat and will maintain flavor best if kept cool.

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